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Contoura Vision: Next-Generation LASIK

Once again, Turner Eye Clinic sets the standard for LASIK in the Permian Basin. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in advanced German engineering, we are pleased to introduce Contoura Vision, an advanced method of topography-guided LASIK approved by the FDA with the potential to take yoiur vision BEYOND glasses, BEYOND contacts and even BEYOND 20/20.

Turner Eye Clinic is the first and only eye center in the Basin to offer patients the exciting benefits of this advanced German-engineered technology. Dr. Tom Turner is also among the first group of surgeons in the United States to be trained in and perform Contoura VisionTM topography-guided laser vision correction.

In some ways, Contoura Vision’s topography-guided technology is similar to the advanced topography diagnostics used in the oil & gas industry. Except our technology now enables Dr. Turner to measure – and treat – more than 22,000 unique topography points of the surface of your cornea.

FDA Results: Best LASIK Outcomes!

In FDA-sponsored clinical trials, patients undergoing Contoura Vision achieved the best visual acuity ever recorded in clinical trials: Below are the patient results 1 year post procedure:

  • 15.7% of eyes 20/10 or better
  • 31.6% of eyes 20/12.5 or better
  • 68.8% of eyes 20/16 or better
  • 92.7% of eyes 20/20 or better
  • 96.55% of eyes 20/25 or better

Contours Vision: Beyond Glasses

In the FDA clinical trial, more than 1/3 of all patients undergoing Contoura Vision could see better after LASIK than they could see before with their best glasses prescription. See why below!

22,000 Points of Measurement

Contoura Vision improves upon traditional Wavelight® LASIK by using a Topolyzer which maps the unique topography of the surface of your cornea sampling approximately 22,000 points of measurement. Contoura uses this information to smooth out any irregularities on your cornea.


We are so excited to bring this groundbreaking technology to the Midland and Odessa area. Call us today at 432-580-0246 to set up your consultation to see if Contoura is best for you!