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Permian Basin Among Top 10 Sites In The Nation To Receive New German-Engineered LASIK Technology

Turner Eye Clinic, a leading vision correction institute in the Permian Basin, is pleased to announce that they have become one of the first LASIK surgery practices in the United States to perform LASIK using the new Wavelight® Refractive Suite, said Tom Turner, MD, Medical Director and Founder of Turner Eye Clinic.

“This is the world’s fastest and most precise suite designed specifically for LASIK,” said Dr. Turner. Engineers who recently installed the Wavelight Refractive Suite in the new Turner Eye Clinic & Laser Center in Midland said treatment times are usually under 10 seconds. “We’re obviously extremely pleased and excited to be only the second practice in the state of Texas and 8th in the entire country to use this advanced technology, which is not currently available in Houston, San Antonio or Austin. Faster treatment times enhance the visual recovery process and improve outcomes because there is less trauma to the eye.”

The Wavelight® Refractive Suite is the only Excimer laser system designed specifically for LASIK.

Wavelight Refractive Suite

It includes the combination of the all newWavelight® EX500 excimer laser (used during the second step of the LASIK procedure), along with the Wavelight® FS200 femtosecond laser (utilized in the first step).

“We are very proud to bring the world’s most advanced LASIK technology to the Permian Basin,” said Dr. Turner.  “This new LASIK system allows for a much greater degree of safety and accuracy that we can fine tune for each of our patients.  The higher speeds allow for faster treatment times and less time that the patient needs to be in surgery.  The EX500 excimer laser uses the largest true optical zone in the industry.  These larger zones, along with the use of Perfect Pulse Technology, allow us to optimize the result of each patient.  It has so many advanced safety features built into this laser, including the ability for us to instantaneously check the thickness of the cornea immediately before and after the treatment…a feature only available on this laser.  This is the greatest advancement for LASIK in the Permian Basin in a decade, and we are proud to be the only practice in West Texas that offers this advanced technology.”

The Wavelight EX500 excimer laser is the most advanced in the line of the ultra-fast flying spot lasers.  Current laser technology in the Permian Basin has a treatment speed of 6-20 pulses per second. The Wavelight EX500 laser has a treatment speed of 500 pulses per second, making it the fastest in the world, and up to 80 times faster than other technology in the Permian Basin.  These high speeds of correction lead to less patient fatigue, improved patient comfort, and less incidence of corneal drying, which results in more precise outcomes.

To go along with the speed of the treatment, the Wavelight EX500 is also equipped with the fastest multi-dimensional tracker in the world.  This tracker is able to track at an amazing 1,050 times per second.  This is ten times faster than the human eye is capable of moving.  This advanced tracking insures the most precise delivery of treatment and perfectly complements the speed of the laser.  This allows Dr. Turner to ensure the laser spots are placed exactly where they need to be.  Current technology in the Permian Basin tracks the eye at 60 times per second.

To compliment the world’s fastest excimer laser, The Wavelight FS200 femtosecond laser is designed to deliver highly precise and predictable outcomes. In fact, Dr. Turner is now able to create a flap to the specific needs of a patient in approximately 6 seconds. Additionally, a flap created with the WaveLight FS200 heals more securely than a flap created by the traditional microkeratome blade, which is still used by some Permian Basin LASIK providers, resulting in a flap that is stronger and more resistant to injury.

The Wavelight Refractive Suite is a major advancement in LASIK. The speed, accuracy and safety allows Dr. Turner the ability to expand treatment capabilities, enhancement current treatments, broaden the range of correction and provide the ultimate in safety and outcomes to all patients in Midland, Odessa, and the Permian Basin.