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It is so wonderful to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and see what time it is. My eyesight was bad!! I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of this surgery, (if I would be able to see 20/20 or 20/40 it would be a miracle). It is now 3 months later and I am seeing 20/15 and it is truly a miracle. No more glasses or contacts. I can swim, snorkel, anything without worrying about losing a contact or fogging up glasses. I LOVE IT. No regrets.

Thank you for everything and your kind words, smiles, words of encouragement when you had to relift the flap in my left eye and for my eyesight. I can never thank you enough.

Lori Marshall


I highly recommend this procedure to everyone wearing glasses. I feel like a different person being able to see. My results were 20/15, fantastic!

I truly believe in this procedure and I do relate this to other people. Your staff allowed me to do a testimonial when a seminar was done.

Thank you so much.

Jim Wellen


Dear Dr. Turner,

I want to start by apologizing for taking so long to write. I have no excuse except for it being summer and I have been enjoying it. I would like to thank you and your staff for making the LASIK experience a rewarding one, I had never even considered having my vision corrected in this manner. I could not imagine letting anyone or anything actually touch my eye with me wide-awake. The anticipation was, by far, worse than the event. To think I walked in, the procedure was performed, I walked out and there was no pain. I feel the results speak for themselves: 20/20 and 20/25, the same vision I had with glasses. Thank you and your staff for the professional preparation and follow-up care I received. (Oh, and thank you very much for the “bouquet” of cookies, it was very thoughtful.)


Teresa McComb


Dear Dr. Turner :

Subject: LASIK Eye Surgery

In response to and in reply to your recent letter, I trust that the following remarks will satisfy your request.

As you are aware, I underwent LASIK eye surgery for myopia/astigmatism. I particularly appreciate how assiduously you presented both the obvious advantages and possible disadvantages of this procedure, especially since I had the procedure on both eyes.

The procedure was painless and took only about an hour to complete. The most inconvenient aspect of the postoperative procedures you recommended was the wearing of the plastic eye shields during sleep for the week following the procedure. I suffered no complications nor discomfort during the postoperative healing period. As you doubtlessly also recall, although I suffered from severe myopia and astigmatism prior to the procedure, my distant vision, which you tested after the procedure was almost 20/20 in acuity.

The loss of near visual acuity, about which you warned me for anyone over 40 years of age during our pre-operative discussions, was and is easily remedied by the use of Walgreen’s bifocal spectacles with clear upper and minimally lower corrections.

My un-aided distant vision is now more acute than it was with the extreme corrections necessary in my spectacles prior to the procedure. In addition, the procedure has resulted in my uncorrected far vision being of high resolution as compared to my pre procedure corrected vision.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the procedure. Thank you and all of your support staff for prescribing the procedure and for making the procedure pleasant.

Sincerely yours,

William P. Aycock, P.E.


Dear Dr. Turner:

After wearing contact lenses for forty (40) years to correct near-sightedness (myopia) and being someone who basically uses self-help and God’s blessing of good health; I came to you after exhausting my patience. I had reached the point visually where I could still be corrected to 20/20 by contacts for my distant vision, but could no longer comfortably read with the contacts without also wearing glasses. Be cause I have great need to read because of my professional work as an attorney and because I read a lot in my personal life too, I came to you to see if some relief could be given.

I am very thankful I came to you. You are very patient, most informative and very skilled as a surgeon. After weighing my options, I elected to have the LASIK surgery, which you performed on both my eyes 6 January 1999. Although you thought, prior to surgery, I would need glasses post-operatively for reading, I do not require them at all. My vision is the best it has been over fifty (50) years, I experience no side effects or light (halo) effect, have no night blindness, and I thank God daily for this new blessing and for your help.

I gladly recommend you and LASIK to anyone; please feel free to show my files and this letter to anyone you feel that this information would aid, or I will be glad to speak with them in person or by telephone.

To be totally fair and accurate I must add two points: (1) even after the surgery I still can not play the piano, and (2) although I can certainly see better, I do not look any better!


Tom Cherryhomes



I had my first consultation with Dr Turner. Having worn glasses since the age of Seven I was very curious about the new procedures that were available to give “sight” to someone who was as near-sighted as a duck. (This was the description given by my ophthalmologist who gave me my first pair of glasses!) I watched the movie and read some brochures and then visited with Dr Turner. All of my questions were answered and the good news was given that he thought I was a perfect candidate for the new “Lasik Procedure” .

Now came all the major decisions. Was it worth the money? Could I go a full year without contacts? (I had over worn my contacts and had horribly abused my corneas.) Was I brave enough to risk possibly losing what vision I did have? I fought with all of this for the full year that it took to get my corneas to where they could be operable. (I guess that answered one of my questions!) Then I was still arguing with myself about the cost of the surgery. New contacts every 2 years at $350.00 a pair for the rest of my life versus an operation of $4000.00 and no more solutions, no more sterilizing and no more glasses? Glasses that were so heavy they hurt my nose and ears… glasses so thick that you felt like coke bottles were thinner? (I guess that answered another question!) Risk… I could get hit by a car any day and completely die… I could lose a contact or my glasses fall off of my face and fall off a cliff! Life is a risk… live a little. (Question number three gone!)

I made the drive to San Angelo to stay over night prior to my surgery on the 26th. The anticipation was unbearable. All I could do was think about what it would be like to never need corrective lenses that resemble a telescope again! How soon would I be able to tell a difference? I think I slept a total of three hours.

When I got to the clinic I was fortunate enough that another doctor was doing a Lasik procedure and had not closed the blinds. The other patients in the lobby and I sat and watched the entire thing. It was amazing. (It also alleviated some of the anticipation that had been building on what all would actually transpire.)

My name was called. I watched the film, went over all the pre-operative information, disclaimers and signed my forms. The final leg of my journey was beginning. They washed around my eyes, sterilized with bentidine, and into the laser room I went. The chair was adjusted to where I lined up perfectly and Dr Turner came in to work his magic! Poor man! I think he really wished they had taped my mouth shut as well as the eye they weren’t working on. I tend to ramble when I get nervous and even though everything had been more than explained to me, everyone was more than professional and supportive, I RAMBLED!!! In less than 30 minutes it was over. The light had disappeared and reappeared twice. The beeps were no where near what I had expected and there was no pain!!! (The instrument to hold your eye open during the procedure is uncomfortable… but so is a contact with a rock under it!!)

I was taken into an examination room and waited for Dr. Turner to come and do and exam. I looked across the hall and could actually tell that there was an examination chair in the room. Not just a guess… I could see it. The eye exam showed immediate improvement, but it was nothing compared to what was to come. AND I DO MEAN NOTHING. When leaving the clinic, I was able to tell there were windows in the hospital across the parking lot and the street (previously without glasses the Shannon Hospital would have been a white blob!) A few miles down the road and I could distinguish individual objects on the trees… LEAVES… not completely focused, but distinguishable. The next morning was amazing. The follow up exam was much better than the one immediately after the surgery. I could lay in bed and watch TV, in between naps, and see the figures without corrective lenses. Each day got better and better. Everything seemed like a dream. Actually seeing the alarm clock without bringing it to my face. Watching TV in bed and not having to remove contacts or glasses after falling asleep. Looking out the window before washing your face in the morning and having full vision of the sunrise or cats in the trees.

I could go on forever, but instead all I want to do is encourage anyone who is considering this procedure to GO FOR IT!!! LIVE A LITTLE, SPEND A LOT, BUT YOU WILL REAP THE BENEFITS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! The pain is minimal, the care and support of Dr. Turner and his staff is unbelievable, and the e results are like no one can really describe for you.

If anyone should have any questions or want to confirm that this is a real letter feel free to call me.

Meg Taylor